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How to clip your cat’s nails

Choose a time when you and your cat are relaxed.

Ensure you have good light before starting.

Position your cat facing away from you. An ideal time is when your cat is relaxing on your lap. Alternatively, wrap your cat in a towel, with one leg free.

Take your cat’s paw and gently press the top of each toe to extend the nail outward. If your cat is elderly, be extra gentle with your handling.

Examine the nail carefully and using special cat/rabbit nail clippers, snip off just the transparent tip, avoiding the blood vessel (quick) that can be seen in the centre of the nail.

If your cat becomes anxious, stop and try again another time.

Depending on your cat, clipping nails can be tricky, so feel free to ask Ellis and Paul for advice and/or to give you a demonstration.


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