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Our sign in the paddock at the T-junction SH 16/Stoney Creek Road
Our new extension: three communal rooms, two individual rooms, an isolation room, large reception/examination area, food preparation/washing area, hallway for extra exercise, toilet for our customers and even a wheelchair ramp!
Our new extension, as seen coming up our driveway
Our home and Cat Hotel seen from our paddock
Our new reception/examination area
One of our three communal rooms in the extension
Satya and Ned hanging out together in cat room one of our extension
We have lots of beds, (puzzle) toys, shelves, places to hide from view, and scratchers
Lots of fresh air, birdsong, and beautiful peaceful surroundings
Friends Moby and Henry
Kittens Moby and Rigby met here in our Cat Hotel and they wrestle, play and even sleep together!
Sweet Mandalay Bene stays with us regularly
Handsome Charlie, such a gentle boy
Mickel the Burmese girl is very affectionate
Smoochy Kato
Burmese kitten Rigby: lots of fun!
Maine Coon cross Shira
Jet enjoying the view
Snow Angel
Mabel on her favourite cat stool
Sisters and best friends Maggie and Daisy: lots of cuteness!
This delightful young man is Louis: he is 5 months old and we just loved looking after him
Burmese gentleman Stuart relaxing
Jess is a very happy girl!
Handsome Hamish
This is dear Molly. She had an accident a few years ago and because of some nerve damage she can’t urinate by herself, so we gently have to squeeze her bladder twice daily
Scottish Fold Arthur knows how to relax!
This is Freida, a lovely 6-month old British Shorthair kitten
This pretty lady is Tilly
9-Month old Ginger felt at ease with us and his room mates straight away!
Maine Coon brothers Barney and Rufus: true gentle giants and best friends
This handsome man is Hobbsy, who stayed with us before he moved to live in Nelson. Ellis brought him to the airport and he was such a good boy!
This handsome Burmese is Jack, he has his own room and loooves getting attention, being brushed, and eating
This is Daisy, a young lady with an old soul. It was so lovely having her here with us
Bella enjoyed having her own room
Roka: a very friendly and handsome Ragdoll boy
Cookie is Roka’s sister, she is a bit shy
Koko the little Burmese girl: it was such fun having her here!
Luna is a Scottish Shorthair. Isn’t she pretty?